Generation Z is Trending: 10 Things You Need to Know about the Future of the Workforce

Eventually, the up-and-coming Generation Z (ages 6 to 19) will take its place as the workforce majority. What makes Generation Z unique?…

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Collaboration in Career Services (eBook)

This eBook discusses the role of collaboration in the modern university career services office. The goal of the book is…

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Best Practices for Using Blogs as a Student Engagement Tool

How savvy are you at blogging? Take a look at some best practices/tips to drive engagement among your students (Nobles,…

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Creative Ways To Keep Your Interns Working For You

What’s the difference between university and experienced hire recruiting? It’s more than just the age of the applicants. See for yourself in…

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In Praise of Prickly Women

Soledad Caballero and Aimee Knupsky

May 23rd, 2018

You may see them in the women who won’t back down. You…

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Traditional Teaching May Deepen Inequality. Can a Different Approach Fix It?

By Beckie Supiano May 06, 2018

When Kelly Hogan learned that minority students got worse grades than white students in…

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New Zealand Offers International Students Transformative Cultural Experiences

By Lisa Futschek, Education New Zealand Regional Director Americas and Europe

Sometimes, when talking to US students I’ve noticed they…

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